Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Second Chance by David M. Carner

Started: 4/24/16
Finished: 4/25/16
Year: 2016
Pages: 402
Genre: Literature
Grade: B+
Reason for reading: edit for friend
Blurb (taken from book): Who doesn't want a second chance? To fix something in your past that could possibly make your life easier today. Well, mega movie star Cameron Rock didn't think he needed one until a fatal mistake was made that could cripple his film career forever. And just when things couldn't get worse, he is involved in a horrible car accident leaving him with amnesia. Now, without knowing a single clue of who he truly is or the people in his life that he hurt, Cameron has to rebuild himself and ask the question if he truly has the stomach to accept the man that he once was or continue with his new self.
Review: Another outstanding book by Carner. Carner is able to write in different genres. This one is one of fiction. The characterization of Cameron Rock is key. The switches that Cameron's personality goes through is very well written and stays true to the overall character that Cameron is. Cameron reminds me of anyone that has gone through something traumatic-whether physical or emotional-and how we can have our personalities change.